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Get the lowdown on the human faction in the game, including character class details.


Take the postapocalyptic vehicle combat of the Mad Max movies, and add them to an online role-playing game. The results will look very much like Auto Assault, an upcoming online RPG that will let you push the pedal to the metal as you race around a shattered landscape while blowing up everything (and everyone) you encounter. When you're not busy blasting things, you can hang out in towns and interact with your fellow players, upgrade and repair your vehicles, and get new missions so you and your group can go out there and start gunning again.

Auto Assault is set in the future, after alien terraforming ships have contaminated the surface of Earth. The surviving members of humanity have adapted and now vie for control of the planet, along with the biomeks and the mutants. These three comprise the three playable races in the game. In the first of our profile previews, we'll give you a peek into the human faction, as well as some of the first details on the different character classes that you can choose from. We'll highlight the other two races in the coming weeks, but for now, study up on the humans. Auto Assault will launch near the end of this year. Keep in mind that these details are subject to change, as the game is constantly being retuned for fun and balance purposes.

Human beings have been kicked around Earth by the other two races for far too long. Now it's payback time.
Human beings have been kicked around Earth by the other two races for far too long. Now it's payback time.


Modern humans take every precaution to avoid the effects of "the alien contamination." Shields cover their towns, vehicles, and personnel. Clothing design is utilitarian. Due to their purist social nature, humans revere the human form, and social status is greatly influenced by physical stature. Genetic engineering and subverted alien technology have helped the humans fight off the alien contamination, but these sciences have also produced the side effects of increased strength, eyesight, agility, and (sometimes) strange mental powers. These traits are only recognized as proof of the excellence of the pure human genetic line. Both mutants and biomeks are regarded as vile, disgusting perverts that revel in misshaping the glorious and perfect human form. The humans' central and most common belief is that true humanity must be preserved at any cost.

Human vehicles employ a shield inversion technique for their hazard modes. Inverting the shields creates a nearly impervious shell of energy around the vehicle. The vehicle is enveloped in energy, with only a dark silhouette visible inside. The inversion does a couple of things. First, a powerful shock wave stuns anything in a nearby radius. Second, a strong magnetic distortion occurs around the energy shell, causing everything nearby to become heavier and to therefore move slower.

Visually, this is represented by crackling beams of lightning that emanate from the vehicle and latch on to enemy targets. Effectively, this keeps them nearby for the second and more interesting effect of the hazard mode. The driver can call in high-energy beam strikes from a satellite in orbit, which is deflected along the magnetic links to all surrounding enemy targets. This creates a massive energy-damage blast in a short radius. Each orbital blast costs significant power to deflect, and the inversion itself can only last for a short time before needing to be recharged.

All human towns feature shields to protect them from the alien contamination.
All human towns feature shields to protect them from the alien contamination.

Humans also have the following racial advantages:

Shield Technology
All vehicles and personnel can be equipped with regenerating energy shields, which provide an extra pool of regenerating hit points. Shields might be susceptible to certain types of damage.

Holographic Technology
Many human skills center on holographic projection techniques.

Energy and Magnetics Knowledge
Humans tend to be better with energy and magnetic-based weapons and items.

Shield Inversion
Human hazard mode involves a devastating shield inversion and an orbital satellite ion-cannon-blast technique.

Offensive Specialty

Defensive Specialty

Human Character Classes

The commando is the front-line soldier of the human race.
The commando is the front-line soldier of the human race.

The human commandos are the heavy soldiers responsible for bringing the big guns to the battlefield. They can dish out damage as well as absorb it. You can usually find commandos in the middle of any battle. Commando skills include battle training, which allows for increased damage and accuracy for all weapon types. Another skill is coolant dump, which lets commandos exchange remaining power for reductions in heat.

    Class Traits
  • Heavy assault vehicles
  • Front-line combat role
  • Can use all types of weapons and armor
  • Combat is a primary focus; tech is a secondary focus

Bounty Hunter
You never see a bounty hunter coming. They're elusive and cunning and believe in a hit-and-run approach. Much of a bounty hunter's skill is centered on stealth and assassination techniques. Example bounty hunter skills include afterburner, which gives the bounty hunter a temporary high-speed boost that generates heat and drains power, and stealth shield, which renders the bounty hunter invisible. However, stealth shield drains power while active.

    Class Traits
  • Light-duty vehicles
  • Special ops role
  • Masters of hit-and-run stealth tactics
  • Perception is a primary focus; combat is a secondary focus

Engineers are excellent at supporting friends and trapping enemies.
Engineers are excellent at supporting friends and trapping enemies.

Human engineers are the masters of practicality, which means they're useful on just about any project. They can squeeze every possible hit point out of any kind of armor plating...and then some. They manipulate energy streams for a variety of purposes in combat. Engineer skills include grav sink, which lets them deploy gravity mines to slow enemy movement, and repair stream, which lets them repair other vehicles within close proximity.

    Class Traits
  • Combat utility vehicles
  • Support and trapping roles
  • Useful for indirect combat and battlefield repairs
  • Tech is a primary focus; theory is a secondary focus

Human lieutenants command respect everywhere they go. On the battlefield, they bring coordination and mercenary firepower to the table. They are distinct due to frightening mental powers, which are enhanced through energy convergence fields. Lieutenant skills include combat deployment, which lets them call in reinforcements via a drop pod, and plan of attack, which organizes nearby allies to coordinate attacks, raising all statistics in an area of effect.

    Class Traits
  • Sporty command vehicles
  • Command role
  • Brings leadership abilities, combat experience, and numbers to the battlefield
  • Theory is a primary focus; perception is a secondary focus

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