Australian government funding L.A. Noire dev's next-gen game

L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi and KMM Interactive receive $200,000 to produce 1930s action game.


Whore of the Orient

Sydney-based production company KMM Interactive has secured $200,000 in new funding from the Australian government to help finance Team Bondi's new game Whore of the Orient.

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Organizers of the New South Wales Interactive Media Fund announced the new funding today (via Game Informer), reaffirming that Whore of the Orient is in development for next-generation consoles.

Whore of the Orient puts players into 1936 Shanghai, the "most corrupt and decadent city on the planet," according to a since-deleted page on the Team Bondi website.

The city is a "boiling pot of Chinese nationalism," with Kuomintang forces attempting to suppress the spread of communism while a group of Western police officials try to keep the peace. It is not clear what role players will take on in Whore of the Orient.

After the release of L.A. Noire in 2011, KMM Interactive bought the assets and intellectual property rights to Team Bondi's work, including Whore of the Orient. A Warner Bros. logo appeared on the Team Bondi website, though the publisher has yet to give any information regarding its involvement with the game.

Whore of the Orient is reportedly being readied for a release in 2015, though it is unclear if the rumored layoffs at Team Bondi have affected this release window.

Also receiving funding from the Australian government was Intuitive Game Studios, which was given $30,451 for a "thrilling interactive detective game." The outfit is headed up by former Team Bondi developers.

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