Australian Gamedev Industry Survey Paints a Positive Picture

Remember though: survey results only include information provided by those that choose to respond, and who fit selection criteria.


Results from the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association's (IGEA) Australian video game development industry snapshot are in, painting a positive picture for the future of independent development in the country.

The IGEA is an independent industry association that produces sales reports, liaises between industry and government, and performs research and public relations for the industry as a whole. The industry snapshot is a set of results published from a survey of game developers, which was distributed via the networks and social media channels of the IGEA and the Game Developers Association of Australia (GDAA).

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It's important to note that the survey only includes results from businesses that chose to respond and provide financial information, and have an annual turnover from video games production was $25,000 or greater in FY2015-16, a total of 63 companies.

Okay, with all that out of the way, let's take a look at the results. The revenue of the responding companies totaled AUD$114.9 million, with 81% of income coming from overseas sales and activies. 78% of companies are expecting growth next year, with 41% expending significant growth.

Intellectual property (IP) is clearly important to the Australian games industry, with 51% of responding companies identifying as independent developers exclusively developing their own IP, with a further 42% of companies splitting their time between their own IP and producing games or providing services for clients.

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Looking at employee breakdown, a whopping 51% of respondents are based in Melbourne. 33% are programmers, 24% artists, and 20% are management, admin and marketing. The leftover 33% is split between producers, quality assurance, audio engineers and designers. 19% of respondents identified as women.

Some of the primary challenges identified in the survey are a lack of government support and understanding, high-speed internet access, and the ability to attract attention for investment.

The full report is covered in a press release, sent out today.

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