Australia to get limited Xbox One voice controls at launch

Xbox One voice commands to be available in limited capacity at console's launch in Australia.


The Australian release of Microsoft's next-generation Xbox One console will not have the complete set of voice control features available at launch.

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A Microsoft representative confirmed that Australia will have "some voice command aspects at launch".

Just a few days ago, Microsoft revealed that Xbox One voice commands will not be available to all markets immediately at launch. Of the 13 regions where the console will be available in this November, 10 will have the voice control feature supporting a total of eight languages, including US English and UK English.

The "Xbox on" voice command will only be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany at launch. Microsoft has stated that this feature will be available to other markets in the "near future".

The Xbox 360's Kinect was released in Australia in November 2011 without voice recognition integration. The technology was eventually brought Down Under on December 6, more than 12 months after its North American launch.

The Xbox One was originally scheduled for release in 21 territories this November. Microsoft announced earlier that the console would be delayed in eight regions. Those in affected countries who pre-ordered a Day One edition of the console will receive a free pack-in game.

The Xbox One will launch in Australia this November for A$599.

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