Aussie Street Fighter player signed to pro team

Melbourne competitor ToXY gets enlisted by a Japanese fighting team called The Traveling Circus.

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The Australian professional gaming scene is relatively small compared to other countries and is predominantly dominated by PC games. However, there are several small groups of loyal 3D fighting fans that organize semi-regular tournaments around the country.

One name that's well known among the Aussie fighting community is Mike "ToXY" Guida, who consistently ranks in the top three spots at various Street Fighter competitions. In a move that will hopefully raise awareness of the tiny Aussie pro-gaming scene, ToXY has been signed up by a Japanese fighting team called The Traveling Circus. According to The Traveling Circus, ToXY is already scheduled to participate in fights that are going to be held in the US later this year.

The Melbourne resident has a distinguished fighting resume and is best known for taking on Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara from Japan earlier this year. Although Daigo went on to win the tournament, ToXY slowed down the champion's progress by beating him in one round.

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