Aussie Quake Wars preorder deals unveiled

Preorders for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to begin on April 4 down under.


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is set to be one of the big shooters of 2007, and Activision has just released details for the game's preorder program for Aussies who want to make sure they're the first to get their hands on some Strogg-versus-human action.

Preorders will start from April 4 down under and will be available only from EB Games and GAME (formerly Gameswizards) stores. Gamers who preorder will receive two collector cards and a poster. Most importantly, those who preorder will also get to select their preferred game usernames now, well ahead of the game's widespread release.

Activision also released details on what gamers will receive in the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Limited Collector's Edition sets. Along with more collector cards and premium packaging, the Collector's Edition sets will include a bonus DVD with game concept art. Activision did not disclose retail pricing on either the standard or Collector's Edition versions of the game.

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