Aussie price for DSi XL revealed

Nintendo's super-sized handheld coming to Australia on April 15 for A$299.95.

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Last week's Nintendo 3DS announcement caught a lot of people by surprise for a number of reasons; one being that it might make consumers question purchasing the yet-to-be-released Nintendo DSi XL (DSi XL), which hits Aussie stores on April 15. The Nintendo DSi XL features larger screens than its regular DSi cousin, coming in a 4.2 inches.

This morning the house of Mario finally put a price on the DSi XL--A$299.95 ($275.48). Strangely enough, that's the same price as the regular Nintendo DSi. GameSpot AU contacted Nintendo Australia to see if there would be a price drop on the older model, but Nintendo Australia declined to comment. Unlike the other DS models, the DSi XL will only be launching in burgundy and bronze, skipping the traditional black-and-white colours that the other models offer.

For A$299.95, players aren't just getting a super-sized console, as the DSi XL also comes with five preinstalled applications, including: Clubhouse Games: Express Card Classic, A Little Bit of… Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: Arts Edition, Photo Clock, and Flipnote Studio.

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