Aussie game sales down 16%

Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA) publishes new data showing overall decline in Australian game industry sales; console game sales also down by 13 percent; hardware sales down by 27 percent.


Figures released today by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA) show that the Australian games industry registered a 16 percent decline in sales from 2009 to 2010, recording to a total revenue of approximately A$1.7 billion.

The data--compiled by independent market research group GfK Retail and Technology Australia--shows that console game sales were also down by 13 percent, with 16.9 million units sold in 2010 compared to 19.3 million units sold in 2009. Hardware (console) sales also declined by 27 percent, with 1.6 million units sold in 2010 compared to 2.2 million units sold in 2009. Not all sales were in decline, however; PC game sales increased by 7 percent from last year, with 3.1 million units sold in 2010 compared to 3 million in 2009.

The research data included hardware, gaming peripherals, and boxed software sales registered through retail outlets, but it did not include revenue from online retail sales, downloadable content, online games subscriptions, or mobile games.

Ron Curry, CEO of the iGEA, remained adamant that the Aussie industry fared better than overseas gaming markets in 2010.

"Compared to the most other international territories, our local interactive entertainment market has done considerably well to weather the global economic crisis, which affected a broad range of entertainment industries and what we are seeing now is a leveling or righting of the market," Curry said in a press statement.

Despite the dip in sales, the iGEA says sales are forecasted to bounce back to approximately A$2.5 billion by 2014, based on figures from the PricewaterhouseCoopers Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook report for the period 2010-2014. The report also forecasts that online and mobile games will grow significantly, with online games reaching A$534 million by 2014 and mobile games reaching A$496 million.

"As the industry continues to evolve and interactive entertainment is delivered through increasingly diverse channels, it becomes more difficult to aggregate sales data through a single source," Curry said. "Anecdotally, sales of interactive entertainment products are continuing their healthy growth; however, the ways these products are being consumed and engaged with is expanding and changing dramatically, as is the industry itself. Digital downloads, online subscriptions, micro and mobile games, and alike are expanding consumer spend into areas that we are unable to measure in the traditional manner."

The GfK data also reveals that family games were the best-selling game genre in Australia in 2010 (for the third year running), composing 21 percent of the number of console game units sold, followed closely by action titles at 20 percent.

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Aussie game prices are a rort. Someone out there in middle man land is busted as far as I'm concerned. Our dollar is 1 for 1 with the US now for MONTHS. I reckon there's a bit of criminal activity going on here.. Until these sons of motherless goats are found out, I'm gonna continue to buy online.

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US pays for same game for $50 we pay what $100 not right USD 50 is not same as 100 AUD not even close

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majority of the comments mention that we are being charged too much for games. No one notices this and they still whinge well eb stores in suburbs can bring down prices by $20 if you just tell them that someone else has it for less, anything more and they require proof of price.

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I only buy retail when they are in sales. Even steam has exorbitant prices such as US$89 for New vegas. I buy from overseas. Its half the price with delivery. I have no sympathy from businesses who want to charge us double and whine when their income drops.

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Good. The prices should be brought down to at least $80 RRP.

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Simple solution- Get realistic with video game pricing in Australia, despite AUD been par with USD video games RRP here is $60 more. If video games were priced more reasonably here, especially compared to the US I would certainly be more willing to purchase a lot more instead of borrowing from friends and renting or simply just not playing the game at all. R18+ doesn't affect my decision to play games, but nonetheless it is common sense that R18+ should be implemented in Australia,

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I believe this has nothing to do with government ratings, rather, it boils down to greedy publishers making us pay twice as much for a game as our US brothers and sisters, even when our dollar is at parity! Second hand console games cost more than what US/EU pays for a brand new game FFS... The icing on the cake for Aussie PS3 gamers is that SOE made sure to put us on EU PSN, that way they can over-charge us for everything due to the EU$/AU$ exchange being higher than US$/AU$. So instead of paying $5 for DLC they can charge us anywhere up to $15. The only way around it is to make a US PSN account and buy US games. Saves me lots and lots of $$$$.

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@Aletunda what?? you paid your games for $120, that's insane, I never paid any titles with that price..!! :? well, since I'm mostly buying from Steam, and they set their price around $9 - $40 :)

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I agree E-i-N-e

Avatar image for E-i-N-e

Bring in an R18+ Classification and lower the prices of videogames and the sales will pick up.

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no wonder why aussie game suffer loses... they need more violence game. XP

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DUH! cause the best games are coming out from mid this year...i could generate a list of all the awesome games coming out in 2011 but it would literally take me minutes and the list will be long. and btw im australian so i know ^^ also how can i forget how really expensive games are! im buying dragon age 2 for 130 bucks who the f does that lmaoo, and the classification rating is really strict here and pirated games are increasing... in my opinion sales are gunna be shooting up, definetly from mid this year..:P

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I come from England and I have to say the prices there are MUCH better than here in Australia. The most you would pay for a brand new game on Xbox was 35 pounds, over here it's up to $130, almost 1.5x the amount it costs from the UK. Not to mention you can pay these prices by going to and buying the uncut English games for much much much cheaper. Since I told my new friends here about it they haven't payed Australian prices again, it's a shame such a beautiful country has so much neglect for gamers and electronics users. Also brings the crappy internet to mind as well. Australian's don't know what they are missing.

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@toddx77 You have no idea what you're talking about. This is all about pricing, people have realised they can get just about anything for nearly half price or less if they order from online. This decline is being seen across all of Australian retail just about.

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kinda obvious, games are way too overpriced here, make it cheaper godammit.

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No real surprise there.

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There haven't been many games that have been Refused Classification in 2009-2010 and none of them have been RC or changed to MA should have affected sales too much.

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-No r18+ catagory -Over priced games -People turning to piracy which is freely avaible on all formats Yep, makes sense.

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This is due to ridiculous prices here in Australia and no R+18 which therefore people buy games online.

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Even though Im from the US its obvious that sales are down because of all the censoring AU does. Think about it this way: compare AU game versions to the 4kids version of One Piece and US game versions to the funimation version. Would you rather pay more for the crappy 4kids version or less for the good funimation version lol.

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Mine are UP 16% but I guess buying from does not count lol!

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its obvious, americans pay $60 average US and we pay $120 when our dollar is at an average of 1 US dollar, meaning we pay double for our games, are they so bling they cant see that infront of their faces?

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It's probably because all of Brisbane's consoles are now at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

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lol how about distributor stop screwing Australian ppl with the ridiculous price hike? Its no wonder ppl turn online...I really hope strong Australian dollars continue. No point buying locally if you're gonna get screwed over it.

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WOW what a suprise AUS game sales down hmm lets ponder this logically.. They ban or edit games so ppl import = loss of sales. They dont keep a price range to compete with other countries they love to over charge milk their ppl = loss of sales hmm I think if they want money so bad to lower prices a lot give us the r18 and stop tring to be goverment where their word is all and the common persons word is Shat.

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Not surprising given the strong Aussie dollar and the easy availability of games online/via import. It's NOT the retailers, it's the distributers. Look at how some of them charge different amounts on Steam for Aussie customers. No wonder people are buying US/Asia games instead of local stock.

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Not most but some do. Still though the majority buy boxes (majority of main PS3/X360 releases are on disks not digital).

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"The research data included hardware, gaming peripherals, and boxed software sales registered through retail outlets, but it did not include revenue from online retail sales, downloadable content, online games subscriptions, or mobile games." ..... don't most gamers buy stuff online now?

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That's because everyone is importing their uncensored copies from over seas.