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After a three-year hiatus the Burnout franchise makes its speedy return.

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After a brief fling with Need for Speed, Criterion Games is changing gears back to the franchise that made it famous with the release of Burnout Crash! This Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release revolves solely around the Crash mode from previous Burnout games and sees players slamming their cars into busy intersections. There are a few different game types for variety, but at its core, Burnout Crash! is all about wrecking cars to earn points. Criterion Games' popular Autolog social media service also makes a return, so playing against your friends for high-scores is a breeze.

Resident Evil 4 HD also sees the light of day this week, though only on the PlayStation Network. Aside from the graphics which have been scaled up to 1080p, this digital release is identical to the original game. While an HD Remix of one of the most influential games of the '00s might sound like a good idea, the general consensus from the critics hasn't been too glowing. It might be worth reading up on this one before you hand over A$29.95 of your hard-earned cash. An Xbox Live Arcade release of Resident Evil 4 HD is also due to arrive shortly.

Over on Nintendo's shores, Chillingo's popular iOS game--Cut the Rope--has migrated to the Nintendo DSi. This one's a basic puzzle game that sees players cutting ropes in a specific order to feed a little gluttonous alien. While the iOS version of the game is only a mere A$.99, the DSiWare port is A$7.50, so it might be a harder sell for some people at that dramatically increased price point.

For the full list of digital releases this week, check out the list below:

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Xbox Live Arcade:
Burnout Crash! - 800 Microsoft points
Rotastic - 800 Microsoft points

PlayStation Network Store:
Burnout Crash! - A$15.95
Pay Day: The Heist - A$26.95
Driver: San Francisco (full game) - A$109.95
Resident Evil 4 HD - A$29.95
Fighting Force - A$8.45
Resistance 3 demo - Free
NBA 2K12 demo - Free

Nintendo's Downloadable Services:
Cut the Rope (DSiWare) - A$7.50
Twinbee (3DS eShop) - A$7.50
101-in-1 Explosive Megamix (WiiWare) - 700 Nintendo points

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