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Calling all cars, there's a robbery in progress over on the PlayStation Network Store.

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Payday: The Heist busted on the PlayStation Network Store overnight, bringing alongside it a free trial demo. This is a first-person shooter geared toward online multiplayer that has players performing six different heists. However, if you want to stick to the offline side of this multiplayer-focused game, it also packs the options for bots. Regularly Payday: The Heist would set you back A$26.95, but if you bought all four games in the PSN Play program, you'll get this one for free.

Also joining Payday: The Heist on the PSN this week is Move-shooter Hydrophobia, a couple of PlayStation 3 games, and GaiaSeed.

Over in the land of Xbox Live Arcade this week, it's a tad quiet. The only game to land on Microsoft's digital distribution service is BurgerTime: World Tour, a platforming game that has players making their way up a tower while collecting burger ingredients.

Last, but not least, it's time to have a quick squiz at what Nintendo's got on offer. DSiWare gets a blast of rhythm mixing with a Beaterator-like game called Rytmik Retrobits, while the 3DS Virtual Console gets 1991's Adventure Island. In case you don't remember, Adventure Island is a side-scrolling platformer from Hudson Soft. Probably the most interesting thing about this game's story is how the protagonist enlists the help of dinosaurs to help him rescue his girlfriend.

For the full list of games out this week, check out the list below:

PlayStation Network Store:
Payday: The Heist - A$26.95
Payday: The Heist Trial - Free
Hydrophobia Prophecy - A$10.95
DC Universe Online - Free
GaiaSeed - A$8.45
Disney Universe Demo - Free
Saint's Row: The Third Initiation Station - Free
Happy Feet Two Demo - Free

Xbox Live Arcade:
BurgerTime: World Tour - 800 Microsoft points

Rytmik Retrobits - 800 Nintendo points

3DS Virtual Console
Adventure Island - A$4.50

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