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Coinciding with the movie, Battle: Los Angeles attacks Xbox Live Arcade.

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Battle: Los Angeles may be best known as the movie that revealed the existence of Insomniac's upcoming Resistance 3, but it was the Australian Classification Board that actually outed the Battle: Los Angeles game. With the movie out this week, the game has arrived on Xbox Live Arcade for a modest 800 Microsoft points. Developed by Saber Interactive, Battle: Los Angeles is a first-person shooter set during the conflict between humans and aliens in the movie.

There's no new fully fledged PlayStation Network titles out this week, with the two biggest releases ironically being rereleases. While Street Fighter Alpha 2 falls under the PS One Classic range, meaning that it's a straight port of the original game, Ubisoft's gone a step further with the Prince of Persia Trilogy HD. Getting similar treatment to God of War, Ubisoft has upped textures and resolution to accommodate 720p, making it prettier on new HD televisions. Ubisoft has even taken it a step further by adding in support for stereoscopic 3D. The Prince of Persia HD Trilogy is currently exclusive to PlayStation Network Plus subscribers and is available for A$49.95, while Street Fighter Alpha II goes for A$25.95 and is available to anyone.

Again things are fairly quiet on the virtual storefront for Nintendo. All that came out of this week was a rerelease of Final Fantasy III (900 Nintendo points) arriving on the Virtual Console and Bingo Party Deluxe (500 Nintendo Points), which offers several variations of the nursing-home-hit board game.

Xbox Live Arcade:
Battle: Los Angeles - 800 Microsoft Points
Full House Poker - 800 Microsoft Points

PlayStation Network Store:
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - A$15.95
Prince of Persia Trilogy HD - A$49.95 (Limited to PlayStation Plus subcribers only)
PlayStation Move Heroes demo - Free
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters demo - Free
Enigmo (PSP Mini) - A$4.95
Pix'n Love Rush - (PSP Mini) - A$3.45
MiniSquadron (PSP Mini) - A$3.45

Wai Wai Bingo Deluxe - 500 Nintendo Points
Final Fantasy III - 900 Nintendo Points

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