Aussie emulation mash-up: March 10-14

Give your brain a puzzle workout, save the universe from aliens, and shoot up the jungle in this week's Emulation Mash-Up watch.


Just when you thought Operation Wolf couldn't be ported to another platform, Nintendo has announced that the game is now available to download on the Wii via the Virtual Console. In this classic shooter, you play as a soldier trying to rescue five hostages who are being held in a concentration camp in the jungle. Originally an arcade light-gun shooter, the Virtual Console version unfortunately doesn't support the Wii Remote. Instead, players will need to use the Wii Classic Controller.

The second release on the Virtual Console this week is Super R-Type, which is a combination of R-Type and R-Type II. Super R-Type will always be remembered for its flaws, rather than its proud heritage. The game was plagued by frame-rate bugs that often caused the player to die during slowdown. It was also known for its extreme difficulty, mainly due to the lack of checkpoints, which resulted in players being forced to restart the level when killed. Both Operation Wolf and Super R-Type are available to download on the Virtual Console now.

Xbox 360 owners can now give their brains a workout as well, with Wednesday seeing the release of Brain Challenge for Xbox Live Arcade. The game will set you back 800 Microsoft points and features 20 different minigames across five categories: memory, visual, logic, math, and focus.

If Brain Challenge hasn't quenched your thirst for puzzles, maybe Bliss Island is more to your taste. The game sees players take control of Hoshi, a blue ball of fluff, as you attempt to complete 25 environmental puzzles by expelling air from Hoshi's trunk. You can also take your puzzle-solving skills online to compete with your friends. Bliss Island costs 400 Microsoft points.

On the PlayStation front, there are no downloadable games coming out this week. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock owners should be pleased with the recent release of the Modern Metal Track Pack, which contains Avenged Sevenfold's "Almost Easy," Thrice's "The Arsonist," and "Hole in the Earth" by Deftones. A new PixelJunk Monsters theme and Elefunk trailer have also been uploaded to the PlayStation Store. Users of the PC PlayStation Store will find trailers for Ape Quest and God of War: Chains of Olympus.

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