Aussie emulation mash-up: June 2-6

Actionloop Twist debuts on WiiWare.


Nintendo Australia updated WiiWare this week with Actionloop Twist, the Nintendo equivalent of Zuma. Actionloop Twist sees you fighting to stop the growing, coloured-marble snake from reaching the end of the course. By shooting a coloured ball at other like-coloured balls, you'll reduce the snake's size, with the aim of completely taking out all the marbles onscreen. The game also supports four-player competitive multiplayer. Actionloop Twist came out this morning and will set you back 1000 Nintendo points.

Xbox Live gets two games this week in the form of Aces of the Galaxy and Roogoo. Aces of the Galaxy can best be described as Space Invaders 3D. There are 20 levels for you to dogfight your way through, as well as featuring two-player co-op for both local and Xbox Live games. Roogoo is a puzzle game that sees you rotating preset stencils into the right order, allowing for shaped blocks to fit right through and hit the ground. There are 45 puzzles for you to make your way through and the option for two-player multiplayer is also present. Both games are available now and cost 800 Microsoft points.

It's a quiet week on the PlayStation Network Store, with only the PS1 game--Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six--being released. R6 sees you lead a team of elite counterterrorist operators around the world as they fight terrorism. Part of the game is also set during the 2000 Olympics, so you'll even get to check out some of Sydney's scenery. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six costs A$8.45. If it's any consolation for the lack of arcade games this week, there are demos up for both Battlefield: Bad Company and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. On top of that, there's an expansion pack for Toy Home called Toy Home: Second Gear, which adds a variety of new vehicles and obstacles for you to navigate. Toy Home: Second Gear will set you back A$6.95.

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