Aussie emulation mash-up July 29

Legendary game designer Eric Chahi unleashes his latest game onto Xbox Live Arcade.

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Microsoft's Winter of Arcade promotion continues this week and brings with it From Dust, the latest game from French game designer Eric Chahi. Along the lines of various god games before it, From Dust has you looking after a tribe of people and helping them get from point A to point B. What makes this game interesting is that it utilises terrain deformation, where players have to move around the land to build bridges and clear paths for your villagers to move around the map. The concept might sound a bit strange, but Winter of Arcade is known for exposing quirky little gems.

Over in Nintendo territory, a new arcade golf game called Let's Golf 3D landed on the 3DS e-Shop overnight. This one packs in more than 100 holes for players to smash golf balls around and has a distinct Everyone's Golf vibe to it. For the nostalgic gamers out there, Nintendo has given Baseball a 3D makeover and ported it to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The game is nigh on identical to the original '90s game (3D elements aside), so you can expect black-and-white graphics, 8-bit-era audio, and basic gameplay.

On the PlayStation Network Store side of things, it's a very quiet week, with a grand total of zero new games coming out this week. Hopefully next week will treat Sony fans a bit better.

Xbox Live Arcade:
From Dust - 122 Microsoft Points

3DS e-Store
Let's Golf 3D - A$9

3DS Virtual Console
Baseball - A$4.50

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