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Supergiant Games' debut game takes the spotlight as a part of Microsoft's Winter of Arcade promotion.

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This week sees Microsoft's Winter of Arcade festival deliver another gem, with Bastion making its way onto Xbox Live Arcade. Developed by a small team of guys out of an apartment in New York City, Bastion is an action role-playing game that follows a silent protagonist around a ruined world as he attempts to rebuild it. The story is delivered through a narrator who fills players in on the world and helps the main character realize his full potential.

Speaking of Winter of Arcade, Limbo rose to fame last year as part of Microsoft's yearly promotion and was a big hit with the critics. Twelve months later, and now PlayStation 3 fans can see what all the fuss was about, as it's out now on the PlayStation Network Store. Limbo was praised for its unique monochrome art style and innovative puzzles, but it is probably best known for its brutal trial-and-error gameplay.

Other releases on the PlayStation Network this week include a port of the old Sega Genesis game Golden Axe and a couple of PSP Mini titles.

Moving onto downloadable titles for the Nintendo 3DS, Xevious has been remastered to take full advantage of the hardware's 3D capabilities. Graphics aside, the game is exactly the same vertical-scrolling arcade shooter that it was 30 years ago. Another retro game, Game and Watch Gallery, also made its way onto the Nintendo 3DS this week courtesy of the 3DS Virtual Console store.

For the full list of downloadable games to come out this week, check out the list below:

Xbox Live Arcade:
Bastion - 1.200 Microsoft points

PlayStation Network Store:
Limbo - 19.95
Limbo Trail - free
Golden Axe - A$8.45
Me Monster: Hear me Roar - A$8.45
Jelly Car 2 - A$4.25
One Epic Game - A$2.48
Dr. Maybe and the Adventure of Scary Girl - A$6.95

3DS Virtual Console:
Game and Watch Gallery - A$4.50

3DS eShop:
3DS Classics: Xevious - A$9

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