Aussie emulation mash-up Jan. 27

The PlayStation Network Store and Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace get a bit wet this week thanks to Konami's latest puzzle game.


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Konami may be best known for its Metal Gear and Pro Evolution Soccer franchises, but this week the Japanese gaming giant is publishing a quirky puzzle game called Puddle. As the name suggests, liquid plays a big role in this game, as players have to guide a body of liquid around various levels. Similar to LocoRoco, Puddle has players tilt the world in different directions to manipulate blobs around the map. Puddle arrived simultaneously on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network Store this week.

Also arriving on Xbox Live Arcade this week is Quarrel, a word-based party game that blends elements from Risk and Scrabble into one package.

As for Nintendo users, Balloon Kid from the early '90s was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Not to be confused with the Colorado scandal from a few years back, Balloon Kid is a simple side-scrolling game that has players raising and lowering the altitude of the avatar onscreen to collect floating balloons.

For the full list of downloadable games, check out the list below:

Xbox Live Arcade:
Quarrel - 400 Microsoft Points
Puddle - 800 Microsoft Points

PlayStation Network Store
Puddle - A$15.95
Mecho Wars (PSP Mini) - A$8.45
UFC Undisputed 3 Demo
Darkness II demo

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console:
Balloon Kid - A$4.50

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