Aussie Emulation Mash-Up: Feb. 3

Double Fine comes out swinging with another Kinect title for children.

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Developer Double Fine is no stranger to working on children's titles for the Xbox 360, and this week sees the release of the studio's second game aimed at youngsters--Double Fine Happy Action Theater. Like Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster before it, this one uses Kinect in a minigame compilation that boasts an age rating of 2-102. Activities range from putting silly faces on your opponent's head to playing with bubbles.

The other game to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade is Rhythm Party, from the makers of last year's Dance Masters. The objective here is to dance in time to the music and hit the notes on the screen as they pop up. (Think along the lines of Zumba meets boxercise.)

Unfortunately, the PlayStation Store is once again down, making it impossible to confirm its new arrivals this week. We'll update this story as soon as the PlayStation Store is back online.

On the Nintendo side of things, it's been quite a while since WiiWare has been updated, but that's changed this week, thanks to TNT Racers. The game is an arcade racer that has players driving miniature cars around novelty tracks. Like any good arcade racer, expect to be picking up power-ups to gain an unfair advantage on your adversaries and doing lots of drifts.

As for Nintendo's portable platforms, Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon comes to the 3DS eShop, while DSi owners get a taste of real-time strategy thanks to Castle Conqueror.

Xbox Live Arcade:
Double Fine Happy Action Theater - 800 Microsoft points
Rhythm Party - 800 Microsoft points

TNT Racers - 1000 Nintendo points

Castle Conqueror

3DS eShop
Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon

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