Aussie bargains March 16

We check in on Harvey Norman Direct Import to see how it's going and round up some bargains found by the community.

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Harvey Norman Direct Import has been operating for close to three months now, and it's finally starting to spread its wings. Not only does Gerry Harvey's online store now sell Blu-ray movies and TV shows, but it has also recently started offering PC games, meaning that it now covers each major platform. Comparatively, Harvey Norman Direct Import's prices aren't too bad, either, falling in line with the other major online import stores like Oz Game Shop and Play Asia. If you've shopped at Harvey Norman Direct Import before, tell us what your experience was like below.

It's not all about Harvey Norman this week, with Chickan_117 spotting DJ Hero II and a turntable over at Oz Game Shop for a mere A$24. Chamboosy also dug up the Dead Souls Limited Edition on GAME's website for A$58. For more bargains, check out the list below:

SoulCalibur V - A$54 from Harvey Norman Direct Import
Street Fighter X Tekken - A$51.34 from Play Asia
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) - A$45.99 from Oz Game Shop
Mass Effect 3 - A$56 from Harvey Norman Direct Import
Uncharted: Golden Abyss - A$48 from Harvey Norman Direct Import
Wipeout 2048 - A$39 from Harvey Norman Direct Import
Unit 13 - A$39 from Harvey Norman Direct Import
UFC Undisputed 3 (PS3) - A$47.99 from Oz Game Shop
DJ Hero II (PS3) - A$24 from Oz Game Shop
Dark Souls Limited Edition (PS3) - A$58 from GAME

Remember, bargain hunting is a communal activity, and there's a thread over on the GameSpot AU forums dedicated to finding cheap games. If you spot a good deal online or at a store, be sure to jump in and tell your fellow GameSpotters. Even if you're new to the forums, pop in and say hi!

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