Aussie 3DS launch pictures

250 people flock to the official launch at the EB Games store on Swanson Street in Melbourne to pick up their shiny new handheld console at midnight.

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Today marks the release of the Nintendo 3DS all around Australia, and while the majority of people will be picking their consoles up during normal trading hours, a keen few waited out last night for the clock to strike midnight. The official launch party for the Nintendo 3DS was held at the EB Games Store on Swanson Street, Melbourne, which also doubles as the Nintendo Experience store. Around 250 turned up to the outlet, which opened up at 10 p.m. to let people pay off their preorders and sort out any final payments owed. There were food and drinks floating around to keep punters occupied, but more importantly, Nintendo had several display consoles on hand for people to play with while they waited.

To find out more about the midnight launch last night, check out the pictures below:

No Caption ProvidedThe crowd spilled out onto the street as it got closer to midnight.

No Caption ProvidedShowing off the 3DS's abilities to people while they waited: cruel or awesome?

No Caption ProvidedWayne Carruthers was the first person in Australia to get a 3DS--and he lined up for hours for the privilege. Judging by the look on his face, it was worth it.

No Caption ProvidedSure, he could go home and open it, but think of all the wasted StreetPass coins he'd be missing out on!

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*All photos courtesy of Nintendo Australia*

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