AU Shippin’ Out December 17-21: Wreck-It Ralph

This week sees some family friendly fun hit Australian shelves. Will you engage in some destruction as Wreck-It Ralph, or get some friends together for a Kinect Party?


With Santa getting ready to delivery his bag full of gaming goodies, the new release line-up is beginning to slow. Disney Interactive Studios' movie tie-in game Wreck-It Ralph will be out this week for the 3DS, DS and Wii. Described as an extension of the feature film of the same name, it picks up up where the movie leaves off.

Wreck-It Ralph, the video game based on the movie based on video games.
Wreck-It Ralph, the video game based on the movie based on video games.

Players assume the role of main character Ralph as he defends the Sugar Rush realm against a Cy-Bug invasion.

Throughout the game, players will use Ralph's strength to defeat enemies, while also taking on the role of Fix-It Felix to repair damage in order to overcome obstacles.

The film follows the namesake character, a villain in a retro arcade game. After decades of coming out on the losing end, Ralph decides he's fed up with being hated for doing his job and quits. He takes off to explore other game worlds, coming across a variety of gaming icons along the way.

Also out this week is Kinect Party on Xbox LIVE. The motion-based game serves as the sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater from developer Double Fine Productions, and published by Microsoft Game Studios. For more details on games out this week, see below.

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December 19, 2012
Wreck-It Ralph (3DS, DS, Wii)
Kinect Party (360)

$19.99 on Walmart

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