AU Shippin' Out October 15-October 19: The Orange Box

Half-Life's Orange Box opens up in Australia.


For those who haven't already downloaded it from Steam, The Orange Box for the PC and Xbox 360 is making its way to retail around Australia on October 18. The pack contains 2004's Half-Life 2, its first two episodic sequels, the long-awaited Team Fortress 2, and Portal--enough to keep seasoned fraggers busy for quite a while. With a average of 98%, The Orange Box should not be missed.

The Bathurst 1000 may be over, but that doesn't mean gamers can't recreate it in the latest V8 Supercars game--V8 Supercars 3: Create & Race. Aside from the world-tour mode that the game has to offer, its big drawing point is its custom-map editor. By using the stylus and touch screen, players are able to design their ultimate track by drawing it on the touch screen. Once your track is complete, you can either drive around it alone, with an artificial intelligence competitor, or with friends via Wi-Fi. V8 Supercars 3: Create & Race comes out on Thursday.

Locally developed Fury ships for the PC on the 16th. It's the first massively multiplayer online game to come out of Australia and is attempting to blend the speed of a first-person shooter with the depth of an MMO. Players are not forced to pay a subscription fee, but it is recommended to get the most out of the game.

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis came out last year for the 360 and is making its way to the Wii on the 19th. In a manner similar to Wii Sports, players use the Wii Remote to swing and hit the ball. There are three different control schemes that allow varying degrees of control over the player and ball.

This week's new releases are listed below (list taken from retailer and publisher information--actual dates may vary).

October 15, 2007
No releases scheduled.

October 16, 2007
Fury (PC)

October 17, 2007
Thrillville: Off the Rails (PS2, PC, DS, 360, Wii, PSP)
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (360, PS2, DS)

October 18, 2007
The Orange Box (360, PC)
Crash of the Titans (360, GBA, PS2)
Folklore (PS3)
Cocoto Kart Racer (DS)
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (Wii)
Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer (PC)
Sam & Max: Season 1 (PC)
V8 Supercars 3: Create & Race (DS)

October 19, 2007
Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis (Wii)

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lemme clear that up, that looks bad lol. Didnt "BUY" it. Played it at my mates house in one day . . . . . quenched my butt cheeks more than my thirst for a good game.

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I dont care if episodic gaming is easy for developers or whatever the crappy ass excuse. For a new dev team, i think its a great way for them to start making some money and get into the market, but, valve? HL1, Awesome game, HL2, a pretty damn good shooter. HL2 ep1 . . . . . well i played it, but i sure as hell didnt pay for it. It was like 4 hours game play, i dont care if it was $2, I cant be bothered paying for something, for 4 hours play thats supposed to sucker me in for the next lot. Should have been HL1, HL2 and HL3, not 1,2 and part 1,2,3 OF 3. From a company as big as valve, they should have known better. Its Crysis and UT3 for me this xmas.

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Got that right ashamael. That's the part that annoys me the most - the fact that no one anywhere has given any explanation as to why we have to wait an extra week. I wouldn't be surprised if they just forgot this country even existed.

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Guys, This game is not worth buying. Save your money and buy UT3. Trust me on this one. I'm in the US and this garbage...too many bugs, weak plot and stupid new characters. The game trailers has nothing to do with this game.

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The 25th...?!?!? Why? WHY? Waiting for this one for a while and are really pi$$ed about this...How many WEEKS are we behind the US launch now?

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I especially love that there is no official word anywhere about this. It would have been enough for valve or EA Australia to post a quick "sorry guys" bulletin. I would have been disappointed, but nowhere near as annoyed and frustrated as I am right now, after several days of confusion and conflicting info.

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as always ea keeps letting us down i went to buy it tday as the ea site in aus says its out but eb games say not till 25/10/07 which is next week. tell what ea how about you delay it till xmas. that would be fun?????. so i took my order of the orange BOX and put it on call of duty 4 i know they wont let me down keep up the high standed of work you guys do at ea.

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I've been stuck at work all day, but I noticed all the game retailer websites in Australia are now updated to say the 25th, which sucks. However, the EA Australia site now lists the Orange Box as "released", which can only have been updated today, against all evidence to the contrary. This sucks.

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Jesus f****ing Christ (excuse my language). Yeh I walked into EB about half an hr ago and found out the same thing about the orange box. Seriously us Aussies get shafted way too f****ing much. It s**** me beyond belief. So, we have to pay more for consoles and games, we have to wait longer to get consoles and games, but not only that, now we have to wait even longer for one of the most anticipated PC titles of the year.

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It's official, I went to buy the Orange Box today and was told by the guys at EB that it had been delayed, 'most likely' till next thursday, and that they had only been notified the day before. Hopefully Solitare can tide me over till then, but I'm not hopeful...

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The EA Australia site, and every other game retail site in Australia, still say the 18th. But EB games seem pretty certain that its the 25th, they even have a big banner on their front page now. I wish we could get some concrete info from somewhere.

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The sites good for release dates.

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yeah i am australian to, what i said was just saying how no1 like ea and activition care about the smaller prioraties like australia comparied to the us. we always get the bad end of the bargon. take warhawk for an example. they proised that it would be a simutanious world wide and that was probobly right exept for the smaller countries like AU and NZ. or crush which had a release date but was missed by 4 months because the bigger countries were more inportent. so this holiday season we will miss out on rockband while US and UK will have it. we always have delays or setbacks like the rest but why so many? gaming is australias highest grossing for of entertainment. so realy does any one out side of australia care about australia?

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I'd like to see more proof than a changed date on the EB site.Obviously, I really hope this isn't the case, I was all geared to buy it on thurs and enjoy it over the weekend. I'll still be out looking for it on friday morning, unless more concrete proof that it's been delayed appears.

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i think it was delayed till 25th of October Proof: << LINK REMOVED >>

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im an aussie and i realise that we may get things late, lukey9493, but that doesn't mean no1 cares =P im not racist so y r u

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Only cos Australia is so far away, most people don't care cos they cba to ship stuff there.

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BS that orange box was delayed. Prove it to me

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I wouldn't trust these dates people - Gamespot has stuffed up this Aus list for at least the last 3 weeks. This week there's a disclaimer so I won't nit pick that the most important game on the list has the wrong date. Orange Box out the 25th.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I wonder if they will package it in a kangaroo's Pouch.....

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Orange Box isn't out till the 25th in Aus O_o

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I'm interested to see what Fury is like as an MMO.

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Hey 360Freak69 - Hooray for you, but if you don't say anything then it isn't actually a comment, now is it? Anyway, nothing too exciting out this week, I played through Half Life 2 ages ago, I don't have the urge to do it again.

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i recommend it for the xbox over the pc

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@ Beesond: Do anything you have to, beg, borrow, or whatever... Get the Orange Box. TF2 alone is worth it, let alone the rest of the games you get.

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Man, if I wasn't broke I would be getting The Orange Box and Folklore in a second.