AU Shippin' Out Oct 24-28: Battlefield 3

After countless trade shows and an extensive beta test, it's finally time for EA to release Battlefield 3.


It's time for armchair soldiers around Australia to load their virtual rifles and fight the good fight this week with Battlefield 3. The single-player mode takes place in the Middle East as US Marines take on a resistance group, while multiplayer is set to continue the class-based experience that the franchise is known for. Battlefield 3 also marks the debut of the Frostbite 2 engine, which is sure to push PCs to their limits and raise the price of GPU manufacturers' shares…well, maybe not that last bit. Love it or hate it, PC players will also be forced to use EA's Origin service to authenticate and play the game, while console gamers can expect to be prompted for an online password when they log in to Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network to try out the multiplayer.

Can Battlefield 3 stand up to the incoming assault from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?
Can Battlefield 3 stand up to the incoming assault from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

Stepping off the virtual battlefield and into the zombie apocalypse is The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut from Sega. Sticking to the light-gun formula of previous games, The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut throws plenty of zombies in front of players to blast away, but it definitely isn't one for the kids. On top of the extreme violence and sexual references, the Wii version of The House of the Dead: Overkill (which the PS3 game is based on) holds the Guinness World Record for most swear words in a video game. So, if you're afraid of cussing, you might want to avoid it. Now, you also might have heard about The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut's recent banning in Australia, but, just to reiterate, the game is no longer banned and will be released in Australia uncut.

To see what else is out this week, check out the list below:

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October 26, 2011
Spider-Man: Edge of Time (PS3, 360, PC, DS, 3DS)

October 27, 2011
Battlefield 3 (PS3, 360, PC)
The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut (PS3)
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi (PS3, 360)
Disney Universe (PS3, 360, PC, Wii, 3DS)
Kirby Mass Attack (DS)
Kinect Sports Season Two (360)

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MW3 will be better.

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Ultimate Tenkaichi, Kinect Sports 2 and Kirby comes out this week as well? A great week for gamers, I will say.

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Now Battlefield surpassed COD,i'm fascinated damn...

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Hellz yeah, Ultimate Tenkaichi :D