AU Shippin' Out May 11-15: Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon and Pikmin invade Aussie Nintendo DSs and Wiis.


We're into the third week of May now, and we're finally seeing a broader variety of games coming out down under (but this isn’t a great achievement given the slim pickings of previous weeks). Leading the charge of games hitting Aussie shores this week is Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo DS. Like in the previous games, players can expect to be wandering around towns and forests looking to add more Pokemon to their collection, all the while fending off hostile Pokemon in random turn-based battles that have been a part of the series since the original games. One of the biggest new features to Pokemon Platinum is the new location setting of Distortion World, a land where the laws of time and space no longer apply, which brings in a new element to the fights. Expect to see Pokemon Platinum hit store shelves this Thursday.

Other notable games to come out this week include the reworked version of the GameCube classic Pikmin 2 called New Play Control! Pikmin 2, as well as the edited version of Silent Hill: Homecoming for the Xbox 360. Stay tuned to AU Shippin' Out next week for all the latest Aussie releases, including UFC Undisputed 2009, Bionic Commando, and more!

May 14, 2009
Dementium: The Ward (DS)
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 (Wii)
Pokemon Platinum (DS)
Silent Hill: Homecoming (360)
Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi (DS)
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Wii)

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