AU Shippin' Out May 10-14: Skate 3

EA's latest skateboarding game ollies its way to retail; 250GB Xbox 360 HDD released for A$199.99.


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Avoiding the peripheral route that Activision took with the Tony Hawk franchise earlier this year, this week's Skate 3 will be sticking to the traditional controller when it comes out on Thursday. The biggest new feature that developer EA Black Box is pushing this time around is co-op play throughout the campaign, both online with a partner, or offline with an AI-controlled bot. Skate 3 also sees the series ditch San Vanelona for a new skater-friendly town called Port Carverton, which is divided up into three distinct areas: downtown, university, and industrial.

Another game that's sticking to the roots of its genre is 3D Dot Game Heroes, which pays homage to the old-school Zelda games. In sticking to this formula, the artistic design is such that everything in the game is built out of giant 3D squares, bringing the graphics into the HD era while maintaining the classic blocky appearance of the time. Expect to see 3D Dot Game Heroes on store shelves on Friday.

On the hardware front, Microsoft has announced that the 250GB Xbox 360 hard drive will be available in Australia as of today. Like other 360 HDDs, the 250GB sells significantly higher than normal hard drives, with the RRP sitting at A$199.99 ($179.52). Along with the HDD, the box also contains a memory-transfer kit allowing owners to transfer the data off their old drives onto the new one.

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May 13, 2010
Lost Planet 2 (360, PS3, PC)
Skate 3 (360, PS3)

May 14, 2010
3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)

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Avatar image for Pete5506

3d Dot heros or skate 3

Avatar image for alexLmx6

@ bloodnutman - i recently contacted the factory in china making them, aparently they cost 52 usd each from the factory... now im no expert on these things, but i think the prices speak for themselves and im super stoked on skate 3, going 1st thing 2morro to get it (im in n.a.)

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@kozanecki - I knew that already :D

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Well, i don't really care about the whole x-box thing but the fact skate 3 in nearly hear excites me. It just seems so much more of a game then the others and i am more excited to see how it plays then the other skate games.

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Im gonna hold off getting 3d dot heroes. im gonna see what people say about it first

Avatar image for kozanecki

@Mattyrock, Alan Wake is next Thursday.

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Disappointed that Alan Wake isn't out this week. I'll pick up Skate 3 later down the road but I think my brother will be pleased with 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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cant w8 4 skate 3!

Avatar image for bloodnutman

$250 for a 250 gb hard drive.Someone at Microsoft must be living in a cave.