AU Shippin' Out January 19-23: Skate 2

Avoid security and stick it to the man in EA's latest skateboarding game.


2007's critically acclaimed Skate was the result of EA's decision to focus on new IPs, as opposed to sequels. Thanks to a control scheme that was radically different than anything else on the market, Skate became a hit. Due to its success, it has unsurprisingly spawned a sequel, Skate 2. After spending five years in jail, the game's unnamed protagonist is back on the streets and rebuilding his or her (you can now play as a female character) reputation. Some of the new features in Skate 2 include the ability to get off of your board and push objects around to make an ad-hoc skate park, as well as double the amount of tricks that the first game had. Expect to see Skate 2 in stores around Australia later this week.

Although all of those medical degrees that people buy online may not be valid in real life, Montgomery Memorial Hospital--the hospital where Trauma Center: New Blood is set--will be more than happy to have you. This time around, you don your scrubs to fight a new parasite called stigma, which is a man-made organism wreaking havoc on the local populace. One doctor is good, but two is better, and TCNB introduces a new two-player co-op mode to the game, letting both players work on the patient at the same time. Trauma Center: New Blood is out on Thursday for the Wii.

January 22, 2009
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Skate 2 (PS3, 360)
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