AU Shippin' Out April 20-24: Little King Story

Fairy tales, space travel, and fighting robots all hitting store shelves down under this week.


Three seems to be the magic number at the moment for game releases, since this is the second week in a row that we're seeing a meagre three games come out. The pick of this week's releases is Little King Story, from Rising Star Games. In a similar vein to the Animal Crossing franchise, LKS is set in a fairy tale world and has you wandering around town doing humble tasks to improve your villager's quality of life. You can also travel out of your town to visit one of the other kingdoms in the game, which unlocks better technology and items for your citizens. The game also features its own unique brand of hand-drawn cutscenes. Expect to see Little King Story on store shelves this Thursday.

Other releases this week include the belated retail release of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix on the PC and Nintendo DS, and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2.

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April 23, 2009:
Little King's Story (Wii)
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (PC, DS)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (360, PS2, PS3)

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Avatar image for Edwinspartan

I don't understand why this game has been pushed back to July 21 its already out in Australia and it looks really good (even though its got a really kiddie type look) all I'm saying is it should have already come out here in the US this is messed up man.

Avatar image for dimsey

Will pass on Dynasty Warriors and Galactrix, but Little Kings Story looks... Oddly appealing.

Avatar image for Payback7

Looking forward to Puzzle Quest, loved the first one. The Wii NEEDS more RPG's PLEASE NINTENDO!!!! :)

Avatar image for Djinnator

I wish it was coming out in the states this week too.

Avatar image for wahyudil

savior of the wii (console sales) ....

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce72effd6960

While it's not much this week, they're interesting titles in my opinion. I have tried Galactrix on the XBLA and I enjoyed it, hopefully get the DS version. I may check in Little King's Story through a rental and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 later.