AU Shippin' Out April 11-15: Pilotwings Resort

Nintendo preps the latest first-party 3DS game for takeoff.


Pilotwings is another one of Nintendo's many legacy franchises making a 3DS appearance. Returning to Wuhu Island (the locale from Wii Sports Resort), Pilotwings Resort puts players at the helm of three different types of aircraft as they attempt to complete various challenges. Despite being released alongside the 3DS in North America last month, Pilotwings Resort missed out on the Aussie launch, much to the dismay of local fans. With the release of Steel Diver not too far away, the Aussie 3DS catalog will be on par with the US offering shortly.

It's also a big week for Kinect and Move, with both motion platforms seeing new releases. Michael Jackson: The Experience was originally released on the Wii back in 2010 and now makes its way over to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. On top of the updated visuals, the game takes advantage of Kinect and Move's enhanced tracking abilities. The song list has also been revised, adding in tunes like Blood on the Dance Floor and I Just Can't Stop Loving You to the roster. Other motion-based games out this week include the virtual-pet simulator Fantastic Pets for the Kinect and minigames compilation--PlayStation Move Heroes--for the Move.

Next week is set to burn a hole in wallets, with Portal 2, SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs, and more all being released on Thursday.

To find out what else is out this week, check out the list below:

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April 14, 2010
Michael Jackson: The Experience (360, PS3)
Pilotwings Resort (3DS)
Fantastic Pets (360)
We Dare (Wii, PS3)
The 3rd Birthday (PSP)
PlayStation Move Heroes (PS3)
Dynasty Warriors 7 (360, PS3)

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