Atomic Heart's Cheeky New Trailer Teases Fall Release

Atomic Heart is set to release sometime between September and December.


A new trailer for Atomic Heart, the strange action-adventure title set in a hyper-advanced Soviet Russia, has teased the game's release window. While it's not clear exactly when the game is set to launch, it looks like we can expect to see it sometime later this year.

The tease comes at the end of the trailer, when the year "2022" is slowly written out. As for what month, developer Mundfish has decided to hold off on giving a solid answer. Instead of naming one, the trailer ends with "#######ber" on the game's title card, which naturally doesn't correspond with anything you'll find on a calendar. Seeing as it's all we have to work off of though, we'll have to assume that Atomic Heart will release sometime between September and December.

Anyone looking for more information on Atomic Heart can glean some new details from the rest of today's trailer. With plenty of Bioshock inspiration, players are seemingly sent to a massive experimental facility packed with robots and predatory plants that take over people's bodies. The trailer also marks the first time we've heard any English voice acting for Atomic Heart, though it doesn't seem very impressive so far. Characters who speak also seem to have their lips synced to match a different language, likely Russian based on previous trailers.

While Atomic Heart's world seems a bit peculiar, its music should be recognizable to anyone who's played either of the modern Doom games. Doom composer Mick Gordon lent his talents to the game's soundtrack, with a heavy, pounding Doom-esque song closing out the trailer.

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