Atomic Heart Shows Off Next-Gen Gameplay And Its Mick Gordon Soundtrack

Atomic Heart's PS5 and Xbox Series X gameplay video is filled with heavy metal melee combat, a deadly mini-boss, and a new Mick Gordon soundtrack.


Atomic Heart developer Mundfish has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter, which resembles a Russian version of BioShock. The new footage takes place in the halls of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, an amusement park in Moscow, or VDNKH for short.

In addition to showing off what Atomic Heart will look like on next-gen machines (It's unclear which platform the gameplay is running on), the video also features a mini-boss fight with a humanoid mass of blood and tentacles known only as Plyush.

"It's an organic enemy which might just be a product of some secret governmental deeds," Mundfish said to IGN. "Who knows? You'll have to find out. Maybe it's a pure jelly. While Plyush shows how agile your enemies can be it's definitely not the biggest nor is it the deadliest foe."

Doom composer Mick Gordon has also lent his musical talents to the game, with a sample of his new work being heard in the Plyush encounter.

Atomic Heart has no official release date yet, but the next-gen launch will also include PS4 and Xbox One versions when it does arrive. Thanks to the PS5 and Xbox Series X's SSDs, the next-gen versions will not include loading screens, according to Mundfish

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Erm...this was much more tantalizing when I thought it was a 3rd person shooter. That first person melee combat looks way too shallow for the kind of combat we were seeing in that video.

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Looks like a very interesting Bioshock clone. There is another interesting game that I saw during the reveal of this trailer some time ago, does anyone know what it is? It was a space sci-fi horror game & showed clips in a corridor with human spirits that flashed & invisible footprints walking on the carpeting.

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