Atomic Heart Release-Day Deal - Save Big On The New FPS

Send those pesky robots to the Soviet scrapyard with this launch-day deal for PC.


Atomic Heart launches today (February 21) for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If you're looking to snag the new FPS for PC, you can save a nice chunk of change on your Steam key at Fanatical. The standard edition is on sale for $49, while the premium edition is down to $82 (normally $100). Your purchase also comes with 5% off your next order at Fanatical.

The pricey premium edition comes with the Atomic Pass, a digital art book, and a pair of weapon skins. The Atomic Pass is the biggie here, as it retails for $40 separately. This season pass will grant access to all four upcoming DLCs, which will feature new locations, bosses, weapons, and more.

Set in alternate history Russia, the Soviet empire has risen to power thanks to a loyal army of robots that see to the nation's every need. Or that's how it used to be, until a robot uprising put the Russian populace at the top of the endangered species list. With secret experiments unleashing mutant creatures, terrifying machines, and superpowered robots, it's up to you to explore a fallen utopia and save the day.

You'll need more than just a quick trigger-finger to survive, as you'll have to scavenge for resources, upgrade your skills, and use your environment to your advantage if you want to take the machines offline. You'll have access to combat abilities granted by your experimental power glove and a cutting-edge arsenal, to help even the odds. It's also worth mentioning--again--that Atomic Heart has a Mick Gordon soundtrack, so expect some heavy metal while you reduce the robots around you into Soviet scrap.

Atomic Heart is also available through Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC. If you're not a subscriber, you can get your first month for $1.

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