Atomic Enforcer coming in 2004

Got Game Entertainment announces that the third-person action game formerly known as Adam Blaster: Atomic Enforcer will ship early next year.


Atomic Enforcer

Got Game Entertainment announced that Atomic Enforcer for the PC will be released as a budget title in the first quarter of 2004. Originally known as Intergalactic Bounty Hunter and later as Adam Blaster: Atomic Enforcer, the game was initially slated for release back in September 2001 and is currently in the latter stages of development at Creative Capers.

"As a new publisher, we've been working out the release date kinks," said Howard Horowitz, president of Got Game Entertainment. "Scheduling didn't always go as planned, but as we celebrate our second anniversary during the first quarter of 2004, Got Game will also be happy to celebrate the release of Atomic Enforcer, a game of exceptional quality and entertainment value."

In Atomic Enforcer, players will assume the role of a wrongly-imprisoned bounty hunter named Adam Blaster who escapes from his futuristic jail so that he might hunt down intergalactic criminals on a mission to prove his innocence. Players will have access to an extensive arsenal of weapons, but, if they wish to collect the maximum reward for any criminals they apprehend, they'll need to capture them relatively unharmed.

For more information on Atomic Enforcer, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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