Atomic Betty E3 2005 Preshow First Look

Namco lets you save the galaxy on your GBA with its upcoming action game based on the cartoon series.


Namco brings superhero cartoon action to the GBA with Atomic Betty.
Namco brings superhero cartoon action to the GBA with Atomic Betty.

Namco is slated to bring Atomic Betty, the hit cartoon series from Teletoon and the Cartoon Network, to virtual life on the Game Boy Advance later this year. Although the game wasn't playable at Namco's recent pre-E3 event, we were able to get the lowdown from Namco reps on what to expect from it.

The game is based on the cartoon of the same name and casts you as Betty, a typical suburban girl with a secret identity: Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos. Besides dealing with the standard day-to-day hassles of your average girl, Betty has to face off against her nemesis, the diabolical Maximus I.Q. and his minions, and save the cosmos. The GBA game, developed by Breakthrough New Media and Big Blue Bubble, is slated to be an action game that will offer a variety of gameplay.

You'll take control of several different playable characters, including Betty, Sparky, X-5, Noah, and Paloma. In some cases you'll alternate between playing all three at the same time for a bit of retro Lost Vikings-style gameplay. You'll be equipped with a variety of gadgets and skills designed to stop evil in its tracks, such as incapacitating kung fu attacks, a running slide, a grappling hook, a jet pack, and more.

Atomic Betty is slated to ship this fall for the Game Boy Advance. Look for more on the game from the E3 show floor.

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