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ATM Hacked To Give You the Original Doom Instead of Money

Australian hackers have modded an automated teller machine to run Doom using the ATM's buttons.


The quest to port games to unusual platforms continues, as Australian hackers have found a way to get the original Doom running on an automated teller machine. The ATM is, of course, significantly modified, but the hackers made it work using the machine's buttons on the sides of the screen.

Originally posted on Hack A Day, the video shows off the hackers messing with the machine to get id Software's classic shooter to work on it. You can clearly see the game working on the ATM, accompanied by Doom's sound effects and music. Of course, this isn't a miraculous feat of programming because the machine already runs a version of Windows XP. But this isn't to take away from the effort necessary--the project also required the installation of MS-DOS emulation software and of a keyboard emulation device to allow for the ATM's keypad to be used as input.

This is just the newest entry in a long list of interesting ports. Recently, a programmer managed to bring mobile hit Flappy Bird to the Apple 2 computer.

You can play Doom on any one of many devices while you wait for the next installment in the Doom series. The new Doom will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will unfortunately be too resource-intensive to run on unusual machines. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news about Doom as it becomes available.

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