Atlus USA to publish DemiKids: Light and Dark

Atlus USA announces Game Boy Advance offshoots of Japan's Shin Megami Tensei games. Screenshots and movies inside.


DemiKids: Light Version
DemiKids: Dark Version

Atlus USA has announced the localization of DemiKids: Light Version and DemiKids: Dark Version. These role-playing games are offshoots of the popular Shin Megami Tensei games in Japan and center around trading, collecting, and fighting with demons. The story follows the adventures of three sixth-grade friends, Jin (who is the main character in the Light Version), Akira (the protagonist of the Dark Version), and Amy. While playing in the school library the kids accidentally summon an evil demon, but with Amy's special demolyzer device, they capture and contain the demon. Their adventures eventually lead them to a fantasy world called Valhalla, where they join a rebel cause against an evil emperor. Along the way, the kids will capture and summon more than 350 angels and demons to use in battle. The game distinguishes itself from similar role-playing collection games in that it's possible to fuse demons to create new ones or make more powerful ones. We'll post more information on DemiKids as it becomes available.

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