Atlus to release Maken Shao on the PlayStation 2

Atlus will bring an enhanced version of the Dreamcast game Maken X to the PS2.


Atlus has announced that it will release Maken Shao for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game will be more than just a port of the Dreamcast game Maken X, and it will feature several new enhancements. It will now have a third-person perspective instead of the first-person perspective of Maken X. The graphics will also be improved with effects such as motion blur, and full-motion cutscenes will replace the still-frame cutscenes in Maken X. The audio will also be enhanced with the implementation of Dolby Digital Surround sound.

Additionally, a new image flare system slightly changes the gameplay. In Maken X, gathering an image--the giant pearl-shaped objects that appeared after an enemy was killed--changed the characters that could be brainjacked. In Maken Shao, collecting an image will increase the synchro rate and help the lead character acquire additional skills.

Maken Shao is scheduled for release sometime in 2001 in Japan.

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