Atlus ships Robopon 2 for the Game Boy Advance

The handheld robot-collecting game is on its way to stores.


Atlus has announced that Robopon 2 for the Game Boy Advance has been shipped to stores. The game will offer a total of 185 different Robopon, and the Cross and Ring versions of the game will both contain five exclusive robots. Aside from much-improved graphics and sound, Atlus promises players a much longer and more challenging quest, an expanded battle system, and more in this sequel.

The focus is on acquiring and customizing mechanical gladiators known as Robopon. Each will be categorized as one of three types: arm, move, or boot. Arm types are fairly balanced with high attack ratings, move types are the fastest to act, and boot types have very high offense and defense ratings but are the slowest of the three types. Players will acquire new Robopon by capturing them in battle or creating them using the sparks of the batteries found throughout the game.

"The Robopon series takes a giant leap forward on to the Game Boy Advance," said Akibo Shieh, project lead, Atlus US. "Robopon 2 not only improves on the graphics and sound in the original, but in every conceivable way. It possesses a much longer and challenging quest, the battle system has been refined to take advantage of all your Robopon, and the new multiplayer modes will definitely engross the most jaded gamer. GBA owners looking for a role-playing or collecting game need look no further than Robopon 2."

Robopon 2 supports four-player battles with just one cartridge and will retail for $39.99.

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