Atlus publishing R.I.P.D. game

Atlus to publish R.I.P.D. game based on upcoming Hollywood film.


God Mode

Upcoming supernatural movie R.I.P.D. will be receiving the video game treatment, according to a listing on the Australian Classification Board website.

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The post cites Saber Interactive as the game's developer, whilst Atlus' parent company Index Digital Media Inc will publish the title.

While there are no specific details on the game, it has been rated MA15+ for strong impact violence, moderate impact themes, and mild impact drug use and language.

Atlus was acquired by Index Holdings in 2006, and merged with the company in 2010, although the organisation continues to operate under the Atlas brand.

This is not the first time that Saber Interactive and Atlus have worked together. The two businesses also partnered to produce third-person shooter God Mode.

No release date was revealed for R.I.P.D, although the listing does state that the game will be multi platform.

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