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Atlus preps Trine 2, PSP Knights in the Nightmare

Import publisher confirms sequel to action platformer, port of DS strategy game will be at E3 alongside Etrian Odyssey III and next project from Zeno Clash developer Ace Team, Rock of Ages.


The Electronic Entertainment Expo is often thought of as a show packed with surprises, but many publishers give at least a glimpse of what they'll have on display long before the show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center opens. Atlus is the latest to join the club, announcing four games it will be showing to the press next week: Trine 2, Rock of Ages, Etrian Odyssey III, and Knights in the Nightmare for the PSP.

Knights in the Nightmare's art was almost as complex as its gameplay.
Knights in the Nightmare's art was almost as complex as its gameplay.

Trine 2 is the follow-up to last year's downloadable PC and PlayStation 3 action platformer from Finnish developer Frozenbyte. The studio will be handling development duties on the sequel, but Atlus has not confirmed platforms or a release date for the game.

The publisher was similarly tight-lipped about Rock of Ages, saying only that the game is being developed by Ace Team. Based in Santiago, Chile, Ace Team is best known for making Zeno Clash, the downloadable first-person action fighting game released last year on the PC. An Xbox 360 "Ultimate Edition" of Zeno Clash was released last month.

Atlus' lineup isn't strictly downloadable, as the publisher confirmed that it would be localizing a pair of Japanese retail releases. Etrian Odyssey III for the DS will be the publisher's third time around the block with the turn-based strategy series, while Knights in the Nightmare for the PSP will adapt last year's DS hybrid strategy-action-role-playing game to work using more conventional controls.

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