Atlus playing name game with PSP brawler

Publisher bringing Kenka Bancho 3 to North America, asks fans to pick localized name for high school class-trip beat-'em-up.


When localizing Japanese games for North American release, publishers like Atlus must make tough calls. For example, they must balance the need for changes to make the game more appealing to its new audience with the demand that the original work be preserved and treated with due respect. For its latest import, the PSP brawler Kenka Bancho 3, Atlus is turning to its fans for help.

Remember kids: lighting flatulence isn't cool.
Remember kids: lighting flatulence isn't cool.

Atlus has set up an online survey with a brief description of the game and nine potential titles for users to choose from. The game casts players as a high school student who spends his class trip fighting a field of 47 rivals to become the best brawler in Japan. While players will be able to follow the storyline, they can also create their own characters and spend the trip exploring the city and roughing up random thugs.

Whatever Kenka Bancho 3 is called for its North American release, it is expected on store shelves in early 2010. The full list of potential titles follows below:

Kenka Bancho
Badass Rumble
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
Turf Wars
Kenka Bancho: Turf War
Bancho Royale
Fist of the Bancho
Rise of the Bancho

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