Atlus picks up Odin Sphere

California-based publisher bringing Vanillaware's action RPG for the PlayStation 2 to North America in May.


Gamers who love Japanese games but are too lazy to learn the language or import games from the country have likely purchased a game from Atlus. The publisher has been specializing in localizing games previously released in Japan only, and continues its trend with Odin Sphere, from developer Vanillaware (Princess Crown for the Sega Saturn). The game is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 and will be in stores in "late spring." In Odin Sphere, players take on the role of warrior princess Gwendolyn and must help stop fight a bloody feud between fairies and warriors.

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I'm trying to find the game shin megami tensei digital devil saga avatar tuner 2 on the ps2

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So everyone who doesn't have the time to learn every language that a game may or may not be written in, is "lazy". It's not the developers who are lazy, it's the gamers - right Tim? I've suddenly received a burst of energy. What should I do? I know - I'll delete GameSpot from my bookmarks. Thanks Tim, couldn't have done it without you.

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Atlus >>>>>>>> Working Designs. Period.

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No, Atlus is not the next Working Designs. The people at Atlus are able to translate games without stupid pop culture references, and release their games in a timely fashion.

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Yeah sounds cool.

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Yeah man, no matter what GS reviews say, ATLUS GAMES RULE! I mean, just because they've been "done before" doesn't mean Atlus (or the original dev) doesn't deserve their credit. I mean, sure RPGs have been done before, but that doesn't stop them from giving games their rightful respect. Atlus, if you can hear us, keep up that good work. I have most of your imported portables! BOOYA!

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if its from atlus its gonna b entertaining game worth playing

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"Atlus = the next Working Designs? I guess so!" DUUUUUURRR since 1995 they were releasing awesome titles. -goes back to play Princess Crown-

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Yay! :D I was waiting for this one. It's been on the site for awhile that Atlus was going to localize it, but nothing concrete.

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Atlus = the next Working Designs? I guess so! "...must help stop fight a bloody feud between fairies and warriors." What!? Fairies!? Well, well, that should be interesting! An original entity probably never seen before or strongly representated as a race in an RPG game before, let alone probably games of other genres!

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"players take on the role of warrior princess Gwendolyn and must help stop fight a bloody feud between fairies and warriors." Lets hope the grammar is better than this article.

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I like the look of the game, so I'll give it a try if the reviews are good.

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Well, I guess Atlus will then move on to the Wii

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Princess Crown was pretty cool. Just another one of a long, long list of good Saturn games that we never got over here.

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the x-box 360s waiting for you atlus! please make the jump.

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Interesting. I'll have to look into that. Atlus does good stuff.

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I love 2D RPGS, and this artwork in this game looks awesome. If it ever makes it to the UK, I'll be sure to buy it. I'm just a bit worried that a game that might appeal to so few people over here might never get released.

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Give me Odin Sphere dammit and someone give me an English to japanese book so I can learn the language faster lol!

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Odin Sphere.I might go for it

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"...are too lazy to learn the language". Wow, that's pretty insulting. It's as if, if someone wanted to learn the language to play the games, they'd pretty much learn it instantly and as fast as they wanted to. More power to you if you learn Japanese just to play import games. Geez. Learning another language requires a lot.

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Sounds like I may yet have another game to play on the PS2. If I may be so bold, I would have preferred the headline, "Atlus shoulders Odin Sphere" because, it includes the mythological allusion and reflects the burden inherent in publishing. All of the risk, all of the localization expense, all of the distribution costs are to be borne by this one entity: Atlus. Go ahead and shrug. ;-)

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This year will be filled with japanese imports for the PS2.

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Odin Sphere eh.

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...yep, sounds like a Japanese game all right. All they need is a certain character who fights with his nosehairs and it will be complete...

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Interesting choice of words in the last sentence. That's what 'context-check' is for.

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Wow, a chance to "help stop fight a bloody feud"? Sign me up!

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Sounds kind of like Valkyrie Profile...

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oh, Hell yea. Princess Crown 2 :)

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Oh... thank you, Atlus. I've been trying to find a decently priced version of this game for the Saturn for years. Now I can just buy the PS2 version and have it in English :D

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greyfox6662912, if you're hoping for Odin Sphere to be Nocturne like, you'll be disappointed. Odin Sphere is more an action RPG with side scrolling action, while the 2d graphics is absolutely gorgeous, it's hardly a hardocre RPG like Nocturne. Still a pretty interesting little game though, and I'll look forward to it :)

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"In Odin Sphere, players take on the role of warrior princess Gwendolyn and must help stop fight a bloody feud between fairies and warriors." I'm sold.

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Atlus knows there games, all I can hope for is another Nocturne type game, because Digital Devil Sage did not hold my interest in the least. As for this Odin Sphere, I look into it a little more when the release gets closer.

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good to hear that, the PS2 is still alive and doing well.

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More Atlus in the states means more amazing games for me to collect. Huzzah!

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i swear ive heard of this game before somewhere...

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Oh yawn

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"Gamers who love Japanese games but are too lazy to learn the language or import games from the country" I think that was sarcasm diablobasher.

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"Gamers who love Japanese games but are too lazy to learn the language or import games from the country" Well excuuuuuse me Mr. Tim Surrette, we don't all have enough money to import a whole freakin system from another country, one we likely already own in the first place. Playing those imported games via any other method is difficult to do unless you are experienced in it as a lot of places refuse to sell anything such as swapmagic, which is what i need to get hold of at the moment, only don't know where, and nobody wants to discuss it. There are plenty of Japanese games i want to play, and i have made a significant effort to learn some of the language, it's just very hard to get information, and expensive to be able to play import games. Atlus: Make bigger print runs of your games please! Also, bring more of them to the UK :(

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...i miss my ps2

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Don't forget all of the wonderful Nipon Ichi games they converted over. Gotta love tactical RPGs... Can't wait. I just wish GS could give a LITTLE bit more news than this.... geesh

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*cry* I want a new Ogre Battle game.

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Atlus, lawl. I still remember them for Ogre Battle 64. God that game was amazing. Too bad for me this one's heading to the ps2.

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sweet, sounds good

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I've been tracking this game for a while; I shoulda guessed Atlus would pick it up. And Oh yeah: 3GET.