Atlus opens Japanese site for Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2

The conclusion of Atlus' sci-fi RPG series hits Japan early next year.


TOKYO--Atlus has launched the official site for its newly announced Avatar Tuner sequel, appropriately titled "Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2." The game will be a direct sequel, the conclusion to the original sci-fi role-playing game that was released in Japan two months ago.

The site reveals that the six main characters from the original installment--Serph, Sera, Heat, Cielo, Arjela, and Gale--will once again be appearing in the game. Avatar Tuner 2 starts out with Serph finding himself in the land of Nirvana, separated from all of his friends after the devastating fight in the violent city known as Junk Yard. While Nirvana was supposed to be a promised land that only the strongest fighters from the Junk Yard could reach, Serph finds out that the desolated city is far from a utopia. As Serph wanders around to search for his friends, he encounters soldiers who look similar to the Karma Guards that protected the Junk Yard's government in the original Avatar Tuner. After taking down some of the soldiers with a nearby machine gun, Serph finds out that the soldiers can also transform into demons like him. The game goes on to follow Serph’s story and final battle in Nirvana.

Atlus will later discuss whether Avatar Tuner 2 will include any new characters or new gameplay systems. The game is slated for release on the PlayStation 2 in early 2005.

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