Atlus designer Kazuma Kaneko working on Devil May Cry 3

Dante's demonic form will be designed by the well-known illustrator of the Persona series.


TOKYO--Capcom announced today that Kazuma Kaneko, best known for illustrating several of Atlus' games--including the Persona series--is working on Devil May Cry 3. Specifically, Kazuma will be designing the alternate demonic form of series main character Dante.

This is the second such collaboration between Capcom and Atlus, as Dante previously made a cameo in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax, released by Atlus back in January for the PlayStation 2. The title will release this winter in the US.

Check out Capcom's renewed Devil May Cry 3 site for Kaneko's design of Dante's new demon form.

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