Atlantis Evolution announced

The Adventure Company will publish DreamCatcher Europe's upcoming adventure game in North America next year.


The Adventure Company has today released a list of the seven PC games that it's planning to show at E3 next month, none of which had been announced previously. One such game is Atlantis Evolution, which is currently in development at DreamCatcher Europe. The game is set in the year 1904 and will see players assuming the role of a young photographer and adventurer named Curtis Quick who, after getting caught in a vortex on his way to New York, finds himself in the lost city of Atlantis. Further details on the game's plot are scarce at present, save for the fact that players will be helping the people of Atlantis to overthrow the mighty Atlantean gods.

We'll bring you more information on Atlantis Evolution when we report live from E3 on May 14-16.

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