ATI's Next-Gen Graphics Processor

The Canadian video card developer will unveil its Charisma Engine and Pixel Tapestry technology at GDC.


Later this week at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, ATI will unveil two new technologies that the company will be introducing in an upcoming video card. These two technologies are called the Charisma Engine and Pixel Tapestry, and will be shown to developers during two presentations to be held this Friday and Saturday.

ATI calls the Charisma Engine "the world's fastest geometry processing unit." It's designed to accelerate character model skinning and animation for more life-like facial expressions, which would better convey character emotions. The Pixel Tapestry technology provides the horsepower for ATI's upcoming graphics chip, and is said to push over a million texels (textured pixels) per second, and has support for multitexturing and complex rendering.

"The technologies that ATI delivers in their upcoming chips will raise the bar for PC graphics,'' said Alex Garden, CEO of Relic Entertainment. "Leading-edge features to enhance character animations and to create realistic environments will have a significant impact upon the graphics in our next-generation games.''

We'll have more information on ATI's new technology from the show floor of GDC later this week.

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