Atari VCS Is The First Console To Have Direct Access To All Major Game Streaming Services

The VCS recently added direct access to all game streaming services, after hearing players were accessing them through the built-in Chrome browser.


Atari's Videogame Computer System, or VCS, just became the first console to allow direct access to game streaming services Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia GeForce Now, as well as its own retro streaming service, Antstream Arcade.

After years of delays, Atari's VCS finally released this year as a PC-console hybrid boasting a built-in Chrome browser. A press release says players were already using the console's browser to access the game streaming service, so now Atari has given them direct access to the services through the Atari VCS Store. The only notable streaming service that's missing is Sony's PlayStation Now, though users could conceivably download that game's PC app while running the VCS in PC mode.

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"The Atari VCS team is thrilled to deliver all of the leading cloud gaming services to our users at one time and in one place," said Atari's Michael Arzt. "Many fans have been accessing these services on their own and asking for direct links for some time now. We actively strive to satisfy their various requests and will continue to add more exciting new features as we keep moving the VCS platform forward."

Of course, even if the VCS is the first console to offer all these streaming services in one place, they could all already be accessed on a regular PC--including Atari's own Antstream Arcade. Reviews for the $300 console praised its retro aesthetics, but failed to find enough use for the VCS to justify its price tag when compared to other devices already on the market.

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