Atari settles DBZ dispute

Publisher retains rights to anime series through peaceful dialogue, $3.5 million paid to FUNimation.


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In the world of Dragon Ball Z, the fine art of dispute resolution is typically practiced by way of a Kamehameha fireball to the face. Thankfully for Atari and FUNimation, the franchise's publisher and rights-holder, respectively, this world is a more civil place.

Atari this week announced that it has settled its dispute with FUNimation and will retain the US rights to publish games based on the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Under the settlement, Atari will pay FUNimation $3.5 million, with $2.7 million paid in cash and the remaining $800,000 coming from a reduction to its recoupable royalty advancement payment to the animation firm. The original dispute centered on an audit of payments FUNimation was owed under sublicensing agreements.

Atari entered into the Dragon Ball Z agreement with FUNimation in January 2004, when it paid $10 million to the company for exclusive US game rights to the franchise through January 2010. Atari chief restructuring officer Curtis G. Solsvig III said in a statement the company planned to continue its relationship with FUNimation.

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@biglou2128 you are very wrong, if people were to listen to you and stop buying DBZ games what would end up happening is that the games would only be made for the Japan region much like what has happened with Gundam. Minus the dynasty warriors gundam, the serious gundam videogames are not being localized for the US anymore, last year KSG Senki 0081 was released in Japan on PS3 and there is no planned US version because of the very harsh reviews launch game Gundam Crossfire got that resulted in the game not selling but also being shamefullly targeted for ridicule mostly by people who never saw any gundam series other than Wing. Also if people were to not buy Gears of War 2 or Halo 3 the game developer would end up just making something else, not working harder to make the game better, that requires actually making a profit of the game they make. Take Assasins Creed 1, that game was a mediocre repentetive mess that was not even a true next gen type of game yet it got ridiculous and biased coverage as well as paid off coverage on many sites including this one and the game sold 7 million copies, that not only paid the salaries of the game dev, it paid them the motivation to actually make their next game better.

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can they bring the show back?

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I love DBZ games!

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If you want to do something about the quality of DBZ games, stop buying them. It hurts companies financially and forces the to improve quality of their product. DBZ games are good, but lets all be honest, they could be better. Harcore DBZ fans, please back me here. Let down you're gaurds and think. Do the DBZ games really give you exactly what you want, or what you're satisfied with?

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I wish Atari made a DBZ game like budokai 3 but online and with more characters that will kick ass!!!

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if anyone is reading this i have this game and i want to play new people online. I cant give away my wii friend code by posting thats how i almost got banned from gamespot. But if anyone whos reading this messages me by clicking on my screen name it will take u to my profile and below were it tells u my level it will say mesage me. Do it and give me ur friend code and i will giveu mine

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ALL right atari get 2 kepp it atari get 2 keep yeh all right next it's burst limit o yeh babi wuhu uha uha uha god bless atari

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WTF! Atari has been cheapin out on dbz game production since DBZ BUDOKAI 3 they better step up cuz the tenkaichi series has been one dissapointment after years next gen titles better be good atari!!!

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yeah thats good Atari seems the better company over all any way

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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excellent, at least this is some good news for atari!

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Hope Atari can deliver an improved DBZ Budokai game, after this. 8)

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Kamehameha is not a fireball, it's a Ki Wave which is energy. Fire is not involved in the equasion.

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I don't think alot of you realize that Atari don't make the DBZ games, they only publish them outside of Japan. The people who are in charge of the direction they go in is Namco Bandai.

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DBZ is the best franchise ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please bring DBZ to the PS3.

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tomski_13 They need to bring DBZ to next gen HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE WII???? ----------- Anyway, now Atari won't lose their best selling series, and are still not bankrupt (yet)

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They need to bring DBZ to next gen (Hopefully 360.)

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3.5 million? arent they near bankrupt? also if someone need to die is Funanimaton and 4 KIDS

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I would love DBZ on my 360...

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I was really hoping they'd lose this license. Atari is a terrible, terrible company.

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Well I have to say that this is the best DBZ game I have ever played. I will admit that not all of them have been winners but this one was definitely on the right track. Keep the good games coming.

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Atari is raping dbz, there bringing the games out to fast. I would to see square enix make a dbz rpg

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WOW... That's pretty sweet With all those great games.. at least they are taking care of their DBZ fans

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Someone other than Atari needs to make a DBZ game. It has to be one of the worst games I've ever seen and yet it holds so much potential. If a "good" company could just take this over then maybe we could see an awesome game [DBZ].

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Thats cool they get to keep it.

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AceCometh, you suck. If you hate DBZ then why the hell are you here? Just what are you trying to accomplish by mocking the series? Trying to make enemies? You're bored? You're only making yourself look like an idiot with no life. Anyway I was kinda hoping that someone else could get a chance with the DBZ license, but I guess we can all se what else Atari can offer.

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DBZ is the best anime series ever and the games are cool. BT2 was my favourite because it was very realistic. The moves in BT3 are very nice but its unrealistic to me how SSJ4 Gogeta and normal Goku have the same amount of health and damage and every character has the same amount of KI in BT3. nevertheless, I just completed all the 100 ultimate and 3 survival battles in BT3 (all with Z grades on very hard - thanks to broly and SSJ4 Goku :D) and it was very satisfying. the game really kept my ps2 breathing in the face of current gen consoles. rock on atari.

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AceCometh: This is probably the only one I truly enjoy. Its too bad that you are correct about the games though.Kinda wish Atari would give up this fight to keep it and let someone else take a crack at it.

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I don't like the DBZ cartoon, and I don't like any of the DBZ games that have been released. Ever. This is one series that I wish would fizzle out and die.

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When will they put a DBZ game on a next gen system? I would love to play some DBZ on Live...and sorry, I long ago sold my outdated PS2 and instead of playing on Wii I would like to play DBZ in at least 720p.

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Unfrotunately with one game company making ALL the games of one thing as huge as DBZ, there will be no competition or incentives to make a higher quality product.

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Good for Atari, DBZ is my favorite and number one Anime of all time and I also love the games.

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LOL at Capcom. They did a gud job viv street fighter but im sure Capcom was involved with 'Super Dragonballz' LOL that game was alryt but its nooby compared to the Budokai and Tenkaichi series

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Without DBZ, Atari would probably finally die.

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Someone else than Atari should be making DBZ games. Give this to... hmm... Capcom maybe? That would be the best thing ever.

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Sure it's alot of money. But by making games from popular anime shows and how good the game is, they are making all that MONEY !

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BT 3 is improved over the past 2 and is a good game even if you have played the previous 2. The online play is cool a bit laggy but not badd enough to ruin the experience works seemslessly when i play my friends in ohio also. I kinda was hoping to see DBZ make it to a company like take two, activision, or even bioware that woulda been interesting right their. OH and Jshaw71 i would say their are tons of fans around here of the DB animation i like it i don't think its the best but the uncut japanese version of the show is awesome compared to the american edited stuff. It prolly ranks in my top 10 anime series. which is pretty good with how many series are out their. I mean i like uncut only for the most part, but trigun, yu yu hakusho, saiyuki, bleach, descendents, Loki, outlaw star, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Samurai 7, FMP, even Neon genesis evangelion though that one gets weird when you get deeper into the series but DBZ is some where in their those are good series to check out if you get the chance.

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i dunno about atari's move, i have never been a dragon ball z fan, and haven;t known many that are, i hope it will bring atari money, but instead of spending this money on a tv based game series, maybe they should try a new IP? just my idea, i wish atari all the luck, based on their name a long i wish them no ill, but sometimes atari and the people that have helmed the company have not always made the best decions

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Dammit.... I mean.... dammit...

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I don't how down-and-out Atari can even manage a $2.7 million payment.

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wow, thats a lot of money, i hope that they are doing the right thing. :|

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they need a next gen version! 360 dbz rpg! revitalize the series.... better yet online rpg! that would be awesome leveling up with no cap! test your skills against your friends! when they come out with something like that ill be interested

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curua02 I agree...i've bought so many of the dbz games over the years i guess i'm stuck for better or for worse, till death do us part. But personally i'm glad that they kept the license the games were slowly getting better and I can't wait to see one on the ps3, hopefully that online one that was mentioned awhile back. Also can't wait to see what happens with the live action movie next year

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This is good I guess. The Game series is going in the right direction but Its not where I want it to be yet, but better to have them continue to improve on their games then to have some new company come in and try to reinvent the series and get ripped to bits by the mobs of crazy DBZ fans who are angry the game isnt like the other ones :P Make us an ultimate DBZ game Atari! One with fully distructible citys and huge environments and a multitude of attacks.. and wouldnt it be badass to be able to make your own DBZ character to duke it out with the the DBZ universe?! I think that would be the coolest thing ever.

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I'm a DBZ fan, but I have to agree, this series is getting so milked. I mean come on, 150 playable characters. Do we really need that many? I hate the BT series, over the shoulder fighting, why can't we just stick with side-scrolling or 3-D roaming. I would love to see what someone else can do with this license. These game are becoming more ridiculous than releasing a sports game every year. The only thing that changes is the roster, if even that.

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