Atari Revival ships

Infogrames' latest collection of classic Atari games will soon be available.


Atari Revival

Infogrames has announced that Atari Revival, its latest collection of classic Atari games, has shipped to stores. The collection includes the original arcade versions of Warlords, Combat, and Missile Command, as well as modern 3D interpretations of the games that add improved graphics and other new features to the classic Atari game mechanics.

The new Warlords game, developed by Creature Labs, brings the classic four-player arcade game to a new 3D universe. Each player must guard a tower against a dragon's fireball while trying to destroy their opponents' towers. The game includes power-ups that improve players' attack or defense capabilities, and the game's 3D levels feature a variety of themes including medieval Europe, Mayan, and Egyptian.

The updated Combat game, created by Magic Lantern, is based on the classic Combat game from the 1980s that was included with every Atari 2600 console system. The futuristic tank game lets players battle head-to-head in dozens of new levels. The game features three different tank types, new 3D game views, and single-player and multiplayer modes.

In the Missile Command remake, players must defend their cities from a barrage of alien missiles, and the longer they play, the more missiles they will have to defend against. The game also includes an option that lets players battle the aliens city by city around the world in an effort to turn back the invasion. The new Missile Command game was created by Meyer-Glass Interactive.

Atari Revival will soon be available in stores for an approximate retail price of $19.99.

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