Atari reverses fortunes in Q1

Soon-to-be enveloped Infogrames subsidiary draws in $40.3 million in sales, turns profit on strength of Alone in the Dark, DBZ: Burst Limit.


The dust will soon settle on Infogrames' buyout of Atari, but the France-based publisher's US subsidiary still has at least one more quarter of independent financial results to report.

Showing signs of life after a dismal 2008 (and 2007, and 2006, and so on), the beleaguered publisher posted revenues of $40.3 million, a massive increase over the $10.4 million brought in for the same period of time a year ago. Atari's profits saw a similar reversal of fortunes, with the publisher flipping an $11.9 million loss a year ago to positive cash flow of $3.5 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2008.

Atari's free-from-frills report did not delineate any specific cause for its dramatic rebound. However, the publisher had a number of high-profile releases during the quarter, including Eden Games' long-in-the-making episodic action adventure Alone in the Dark and a new installment in Atari's stalwart Dragon Ball Z franchise, Burst Limit. According to Infogrames' Q1 results released late last month, Alone in the Dark had shipped 1.2 million copies worldwide, with DBZ: Burst Limit shifting an equally substantive 930,000 units.

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Alone In The Dark SUCKED.

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I'm glad that Alone In The Dark sold well; that development team deserved it. Personally I enjoyed it.

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Atari lives!

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it's kinda sad that game got such a bad rating. i had such high hopes for it *alone in the dark, I mean*

Avatar image for tobkinator

i give all games a fair chance [except rpg's] and this game was terrible.

Avatar image for iory2

Good to know DBZ did well enough that means we'll have another sequel as for alone in the dark I have yet to try it.

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i cant believe Alone in the dark got 2.2 million copies sold after a 6.0 rating.

Avatar image for nobeaner

Yeah, timed exclusives are more beneficial when the game is Great.

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what are you talkin bout akiwak? the PS3 is getting this game in all it's glory next month.

Avatar image for nobeaner

If only they had taken more time to polish Alone in the Dark.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Maybe they'll turn things around now.

Avatar image for akiwak

To the ones that think that this game sold on the PS3. Ummm... the game was not released on the PS3, thank goodness we didn't get this crap!

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I'm happy for Atari (never like seeing people lose their jobs), but Alone in the Dark helped contribute to this?! :?

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Now it's time to bring out the Jaguar 2!

Avatar image for Rummy500

(Uh They Did?) ""What was that?"" Oh nothing. . .

Avatar image for raahsnavj

I'm amazed. After the reviews and the demo of AitD that game hit my permanent 'pass' list. I guess enough people buy before they try... Either that or all the copies are still sitting on the shelves. It did say 'shipped' not purchased.

Avatar image for atopp399

I am glad they did well. I guess it pays to put the time and money in for a few halfway decent games.

Avatar image for halomonkey1_3_5

good to see a somewhat decent company get sales for there somewhat decent games...

Avatar image for appokalipto

iap, the controls were crap, but the level skipping its a good concept, feels a bit like Lost the tv series..

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

I thought Alone in The Dark was really poor. The controls were all wrong and why oh why could you skip levels. Good to hear Atari is doing well though ;)

Avatar image for Richmaester6907

Lol great PS3 joke sorry I meant fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Humorguy_basic

Pretty much all those million sales was on PS3 I reckon, they are so short of games on that machine, they'll buy anything!

Avatar image for Buttonio

I gave up on AitD half way through the roots of evil thing, and you have to be pretty open minded just to put up with the game through the first chapter anyway. But otherwise it wasn't that bad.

Avatar image for da_chub

Alone in the dark isnt as bad as everyone makes it out to be, it has problems, yea, but still fun to play.

Avatar image for kitty

@MJK_1: The Driver franchise now belongs to ubisoft, you'll have to wait to see what they do with it.

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wow alone in the dark sold 1.2 million?

Avatar image for D-Camo

Smart move to make Alone in the Dark multi-platform, since it would have done horribly, sales wise, if it was an exclusive to a single console. DBZ would have done well, even if it wasnt multi-platform.

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Odd those games are not that good

Avatar image for patrickncompany

Weird... AitD was horrible

Avatar image for lamprey263

it was a good move to multi-platform Alone in the Dark, that's why they've been able to turn a good profit off of it, despite it being a critical failure, it's a commercial success

Avatar image for imperial_agent

i'm very happy to see this. anytime a company goes pulls itself from the verge of bankrupty and closing is good news, no matter what company it is.

Avatar image for bootsfansonly

1 million burst limits sold? did they ever fix the lagfest?

Avatar image for Thomasdeleo

AitD sucks

Avatar image for spiderman120988

i got alone in the dark too but i gave up after the stupid roots of evil quest. if i wasn't for that quest i would've finished it.

Avatar image for Grantsplace2004

It's sad to see Atari dying but it will be better in the long run. The dbz license and anything other ips they havent sold off yet will be picked up by some company so it doesn't really matter if Atari sticks around. At the worst another company will make the next dbz game and actually have funds to produce it with.

Avatar image for onething77

*Tries hard to ignore the fact that Atari have ripped-off approximately 1.2 million persons with the stunningly boring Alone In the Dark*

Avatar image for Sk8erHeadshot

I liked Aitd, but it seemed a little....rushed

Avatar image for Phazevariance

Actually, i'm playing AitD right now, and it's nto that horrid. The controls are sometiems tough, but the game itself is not bad, and very cinematic.

Avatar image for ColdfireTrilogy

A tad too late Atari, least your getting bought out and not closed down.

Avatar image for Yojimbo25

Kind of strange that Alone in the Dark, helped Atari. Considering that game was horrid.

Avatar image for Red_Resonance

I'm happy for Atari, but I'm surprised to hear that the cause of this was Alone in the Dark...

Avatar image for azafirster

Good thing atari didn't die out.

Avatar image for TristanH12

hm i guess be happy with any profit, i still wanna get dbz burst limit.

Avatar image for Ar2kill

AoD sucked for me, I waited so long for it and it turned to be a mess (at least the first 4 chapters fifth one was cool) but, it's good to read that atari is having profit on a game like that, it means a lot of people love the series

Avatar image for CVM_123

i cant believe AoD is popular weird!!

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wow good job should come back to sony now :)

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