Atari Readies Two New Arcade Titles

Get your tokens ready.... GS News recently received shots and information on two upcoming Atari arcade titles.


California SpeedA fast-moving Cruisin'-style racer, California Speed places tracks over a variety of California locations, including Santa Cruz (where players race upon a roller-coaster track), the Mojave Desert (which includes a stretch within a UFO), Silicon Valley (drivers are inside a large computer, just like in an old elementary school movie), and eleven other tracks.

The game features several different endings that lie in wait for players who have successfully won every course. Twelve cars are available for play, and shortcuts and mirror track options are present, as well.

Surf PlanetCreated by Spanish software developer Gaelco, Surf Planet is a stand-up snowboarding coin-op, full of jumps, moguls, and shortcuts. There are four different alpine courses (Mt. McKinley, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Blanc, and Mt. Cook). Three are open at the game's outset, with one a bonus track. The player must not only avoid obstacles and pull off stunts, but grab wax power-ups to keep his board smooth and moving at a good pace. Both games are expected to ship at the end of February.

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