Atari publishing Indigo Prophecy

French publisher will bring renamed version of Quantic Dream's adventure game Fahrenheit to US shores. New screens inside.


At last year's Game Developers Conference Europe, David Cage, founder and president of independent French studio Quantic Dream, made oblique references to his company's forthcoming game, Fahrenheit. While he didn't show the promised trailer, he did say the adventure would provide "a more cinematic experience" than most games on the market...and that he was still looking for a publisher for it.

It seems Cage's search is now over. Today, Atari announced it would publish Fahrenheit worldwide for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 this fall. While the publisher didn't provide any rating or price information, it did reveal the game will go by another title, Indigo Prophecy, in the US.

Billed as much as an interactive experience as a game, Indigo Prophecy will feature techniques borrowed from cinema, including multiple camera angles, actor direction, and a shifting musical score. "Quantic Dream has come up with a game best described as ‘interactive cinema'--a scenario-driven experience whose attributes more closely match [those] of a hit movie," said Erik Gerson, Atari's senior vice president of marketing. "What Indigo Prophecy transfer the onscreen drama, tension, and anticipation to the player. This is heightened by a cause-and-effect in-game dynamic whereby every player decision impacts the game's story path and ultimate outcome."

Indigo Prophecy is set in a near-future New York City, which has been plagued by a series of random murders perpetrated by seemingly innocent citizens. The game begins with protagonist Lucas Kane coming to his senses after committing one such killing...and having no idea why he did the deed. On the run from the police, he commences an adventure that will sport a branching plotline where players' decisions will change the outcome of the game.

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